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Consultancy Services

ORBITAL is providing engineering consultancy and special design services including oil & gas, processing plants, aviation, telecommunications, mining, defence, power utilities, renewable energy and transport.

ORBITAL’s engineering expertise is wide, with our combined experience spanning decades, servicing customer around the world in some of the most lightning-prone regions.

Typical services include:

• Direct strike lightning protection designings carried out in compliance with international standards.

• Measurable lightning strike models to determine hazards to assets and personnel.

• Specialised Lightning strike risk cases for personnal safety on major working sites.

• Lightning forensic studies and expert testimony services.

• Site examinations, surveys and audits, problem solving and commission testing.

• Gap analysis and recommendations for direct and surge protection for power, communication and signal circuits as well as direct lightning and Grounding/Bonding.

• Soil resistance measurements, viewing and modelling, including multi-layer and complictaed earth structures.

• Enhanced surge protection and internal protection studies

• Grounding/Bonding designings and analysis for power systems and lightning protection

We provide Grounding/Bonding system designings and analysis to national and international standards, including personnel safety analysis (deterministic and quantitative risk-based) for power systems and specialised designings for lightning transients.

Our other Grounding/Bonding services include:

• Grounding/Bonding system measurements using current injection test techniques.

• Computation of failure current distribution in power system networks.

• Interference studies, including electro-mechanical analysis and mitigation for pipelines, telecommunication cable, solar panels and railways.

• Use of magnificent CDEGs software for all designings, models and computations.

• Lightning seminars / presentations, educations and safety education.

• Customised designings to fit individual Project and tender requirements.

• Designings reviews and drawing, sketchings capabilities using AutoCAD design software.

ORBITAL offers designings optimisation to achieve electrical safety for personnel and equipment (EPR, step and touch voltages) in compliance with national and international standards.

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