Faraday Cage Application

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Catenary wire Lightning Protection System

Typical example

Protection of a building using a mesh cage lightning conductor


This lightning protection, derived from the Faraday cage, consists of meshed conductors that cover the roof and walls of the structure to be protected.

Air terminals are positioned around the edge of the roof and on high points. A network of conductors follows the external perimeter of the roof. This network is completed with transverse elements. The mesh size is between 5 and 20 meters according to the effectiveness required.

The top of the down conductors fitted to the walls are connected to the roof mesh, and the bottom to dedicated earthing systems. The distance between two down conductors is between 10 and 20 meters according to lightning protection level required.

The largest part of lightning current is conducted and dissipated through the conductors and earthing systems closest to the point of impact of the lightning strike.

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