ORBetterĀ® Earthing Enhance Solution

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ORBetter® Specifications
  • Maintains its constant resistance for its entire life of the system once in it is set
  • Performs in all types of earth conditions even during spelling
  • Does not require periodical maintenance treatments or placement
  • Does not require the constant existence of water to keep its conductivity
  • Can be set completely within 3 days, then fully heals within 28 days
  • Does not dissolve, de-compose, or breach into the earth
  • Non-corrosive, non-harmful, no leakage
  • Reduces any possible stealing due to conductors are too heavy to remove out
  • Easy to carry 1kg., 5kg. and 25 kg. bags or buckets
  • Only one person can install


Ref. Dimensions (mm) Material Weight (kg)
OLT-0205L 130x220x35 ORBetter Powder 1,00
OLT-020L 225x225x185 ORBetter Powder 5,00
OLT-0305L 340x520x150 ORBetter Powder 25,00



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